Presenting Fabrilux, the healthcare and hospitality fabric brand that transcends serviceability and beauty to embrace the art of healing and relaxation. Fabrilux is the go-to fabric line for today's healthcare and hospitality industries, where customer expectations for calming, safe and aesthetic surroundings have blurred design distinctions.

Healthcare, hospitality and corporate clients, who must meet exacting standards but expect much more, choose Fabrilux, available in Woven, Dobby and Duplex Prints. Beautiful Fabrilux colors, patterns and textures reward them in every essential way: aesthetics, durability, ease of maintenance, cost-effectiveness and the fulfillment of regulatory requirements.

Care in creating healthcare and hospitality environments is no longer focused on the patient and hotel guest. Evidence-Based-Design shows that patient rooms, stations, hallways and lobby/waiting areas affect employee morale and the way they care for their patients and guests. All visitors to healthcare environments and hotels are affected by interior-design choices. Design can calm the anxious and elevate a visitor's mood and experience.

Hospitals today are invested in extensive outpatient services and health-prevention education. Consequently, more of the general public, along patient rooms, are exposed to the facility's interior hallways, meeting rooms, labs and waiting rooms. It's not just about the registered hotel guest anymore. Hotels rely more and more on dining, banquet, recreational and spa amenities as individual profit centers. Interior design must give all visitors a sense of well-being and a reason to return often.

The classic age-old romance with the loom takes time and skill. It produces the sturdy Fabrilux textile with its engaging and varied patterns. The cationic dye process attracting color to both positively and negatively-charged yarn produces true long-lasting color.